Friday, August 2, 2013

Vacation Moments II

In my previous Vacation Moments post, I showed how my car's mileage reached the 100,000 mile point.  This year on our trip, I managed to put 3,061.4 miles on the car.  I think that's a new vacation record, at least for travel to the north.  And wouldn't you know, Nick and I both hoped for some rain while in the wet land, but all 26 days were clear, except for a sprinkle when we drove to the coast.  This morning a friend posted on the social network that she woke up to wet pavement, it's all in the timing of God's hands.

I'll let photos with comments reflect this Vacation Moments II edition.

The formation and position of the clouds rather makes this look like a volcano erupting.  Assuredly it was not, but some time in its past it has and likely in its future it will again.

Our only real road construction delay.  Thankfully it was brief, only about 10 minutes of stop plus subsequent slowness as the truckers up and beyond what is shown in the photo got started again, uphill at that.

Prior to a road construction stoppage, we had seen other ribbons of this beautiful lavender highway.  At a stop, it became evident that it was the rebar set in place prior to being covered with concrete roadway.

My dad with the gladioli that grew in front of their window this year.  They said they did no special treatment of the soil, just dug the bulbs from where they were the year before and replanted at this location, without letting them sit out and rest during the time they normally would have.  This particular glad rose above my dad's head by about another 6" and he's about 5'8" these days.

Prior to quilt camp, my aunt Irene had been gifted this unique (I want one!) ironing table that clamps to the long folding tables and that leg you see, folded down.  The first night we placed it between us with one iron and it was great!  After that, she moved it over to her left so she could have room to get out a little easier and I used her folding Omnigrid cutting mat/ironing pad (she bought me one of my own for my birthday after quilt camp).  Both items are wonderful in a class setting.

At Black Butte Ranch there was a small outdoor show the day before the Sisters show.  I took several pix of the scenery including these geese hanging out at the edge of the lake and only one of a feathered star quilt.

This is my cousin-in-law's niece displaying what I believe she said to be her third quilt.  Should I mention that she's only 14?  It's lovely and I really like the pink, black and white combo.

Now we'll see a few quilts from the Sisters show.  I didn't do very well at getting the details on the makers, so if anyone sees something of theirs, shout out your info.  Same goes if you don't want it displayed here, let me know and I'll remove it.  I've always loved horses and we owned horses when I still lived at home and can remember our horses doing this.  In fact, somewhere I have a picture of Prince and Kate in a similar pose.  It just dawned on me, our horses names back in the late '60s reflect the current British #1 couple: "Prince" and Kate  :)  I loved those horses!

This especially caught my eye.  I love the basic 2-color aspect and of course the 3-D appearance of the 'blocks'.

I also found this to be very appealing and well-done though it's not something I would be inclined to do.  Loved it just the same.  The photo doesn't do it justice, at least not on my monitor.  the colors were quite vivid  against the solid black background.

This is only two of somewhere around 18-20 quilts of the same pattern.  It was a challenge by a group from I believe Prineville, and also, if I remember right it was a mystery but I could be confusing it with another group.  I'm always amazed at how different the same pattern can look just by changing fabric colors and value placements.

Oh, and didn't I say I loved horses?

And this is just oh so sweet, love, love, love.

My cousin-in-law in with one of her quilt camp projects.  A machine-appliqued quail table runner for her grandma.

My aunt Irene with a block from a kit that her son and wife (cousin-in-law in previous pic) gave to her after housing them for several weeks while some work was being done at their own home.  My aunt had not done triangles like this before even though she's been quilting for years/decades.  She was quite frustrated for awhile but finally got the hang of it and was happy.

We visited the Suttle Lake lodge (we stayed at the Methodist church camp nearby) prior to leaving the area.  In a word "Wow"!  It has some beautiful wood carving inside all around as well.  This picture shows the massive wooden entry doors that are stunningly beautiful.  Apologies for the slightly fuzzy picture.
And that does it for Vacation Moments II.  I'll compose another set or two in the days ahead.  Thank you for joining me as I review my memories from the past month.

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