Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vacation Moments III

It dawned on me a couple days ago as to why, at least in part, the years are flying by.  My years are only about 11 months long compared to the normal 12.  That's right, only 11 months, give or take a few days.  How is it they're only 11 months you ask? Well, even if you didn't ask, I'll explain.  With my annual summer vacation trip north to the wet land, which is nearly a month out of each year, it's like being outside of time so it doesn't fit in with the other 11 months.  I usually leave in one month and return in another so that whole block of time is just something else, but it's not part of the year.  Makes sense to me, hehe.

Here are a few more photos of vacation with the Sisters Quilt Show thrown in, as well as quilts from an outdoor show in Coburg, OR which, by the way, was a great way to spend the morning of my birthday :) 

An entire wall of a building covered with quilts.

A quilted 'ball'.  I was told there was a car that was also quilted but we didn't see it.

This was at a vendor and I thought it was really neat, a great idea for a bird house.

Love all those windmills.

At another vendor, love the horse shoe art.

A Dear Jane

A very nice red, white and blue.

I loved the fussy cut vignettes in the alternating blocks.

Lovely piece, amazing peacock.

Nice pattern.

And who can miss this Easy Street?  This was within the walk way of some shops, so lighting wasn't as good.

Suttle Lake

"Boo" my mom's cat.

My cousin Liddy and I.  Liddy is the daughter of my paternal grandmother's brother.  That entire branch of the family was 'lost' until I found Liddy about 10 years ago and oh have we connected, right from the very first phone call.  She is a real dear and I have been blessed to find her.  Since then, we have uncovered a few other 'lost' cousins from that branch and I met them for the first time last year.

My mom and I.

Nick and my mom.

My 92-yr old cousin once removed, Arlene.  Nick and I visited with her and had lunch with her at the retirement apartments where she lives.  She was my biological dad's cousin and is now the oldest remaining from that side of the family, and only one of two remaining from that generation of cousins.

Nick and I and my aunt Irene went to the coast one day.  This was on a path near the bridge that spans the bay at Newport, OR.  Nick barely fit under that low-hanging branch he's coming up on.
And I think that is enough for today after all.  I'll leave the quilts from the Coburg show for the final installment of our vacation moments, which I'll post in the next two or three days.

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  1. Lovely pictures! Never even imagined a quilted ball before!! Happy Birthday :)


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