Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Happenings

I've no quilty anything to report, so I'm not linking up anywhere.

I went to church "online" today, and it was a really good sermon from Ecclesiastes 11 & 12.  Marty drove in to church, staying for both "hours", which is really 3.5 hours.  He was meeting up with some of his guy friends after 2nd hour for lunch....needs all the encouragement he can get right now.  He didn't get home until close to 4:30 then decided to go for a drive to try to get some photogs of some clouds that had formed over the hills nearby.  On his way back from there he stopped and brought home dinner.  We've been trying to cut back on the take-out meals.

Today I've also cleaned up the kitchen and done a few loads of laundry, and played on the computer, cleaned the litter box, made sure we had all the necessary supplies for Nick's return to school on Tuesday - there are still some items that need to be purchased, and I covered all five of his big, heavy textbooks, using brown grocery bags.

It's been a busy week with getting things done before school starts.  Tomorrow is orientation day and we'll lug those heavy books and supplies to the school, and meet the teachers for this year, get his locker assignment, and all that stuff.  


  1. I remember having to cover textbooks! I am wondering how long before all school books will be digital?!!

    1. Actually, this year is the first year they'll begin incorporating the online books, but as the first year, the hard copies are still required. Transitions stages! so digital is on its way. At least at this school.


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