Friday, February 22, 2013

Fina-Lee Friday

I have obviously been absent.  Today I am still finding it difficult to be joyous about anything.  It may take me some time, and a LOT of prayer and supplication.  I'm calmer than I was a few days ago, but that's not saying much.  Today is a  'rant' day and (with few explanations) is brought to you by:
  • Husband - no further comment!
  • Traffic - they'll license anyone!
  • Doctors - I HATE STRONGLY DETEST waiting
  • Cats - can't you see I'm busy?
  • Kid - why is everything last minute?
  • Furnace - why are you not working right?
  • Kitchen remodel - now on indefinite 'hold'
  • Living in a fallen world - Lord, I want to be HOME in YOUR arms
  • Back, neck & head aches - where are my pain pills?
  • Weather, though not so much, but you can keep the wind!
Hope your day is looking brighter than my list ;\


  1. Just now reading your post. Hope today was better for you and things start looking up.


  2. I think most of us can relate to most (if not all) of your thoughts here!! Sending cyber-hugs your way! :)


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