Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Cat's in the Bag

These are from a week or so ago.  It seems wherever I am, there also are my fur-babies, and they can be SO amusing, praise God for fur-babies :)

This cute little cotton bag was a Christmas gift to me from my daughter, and I had no idea what to do with it.  I needed to wash it so did, and had left it laying on the chair when Flame came up and nuzzled her way into it, and later shifted around - it's a perfect snuggle bag for her.  And it matches her color, but those are not kitties on the bag, rather gingerbread boys which is a tradition between my daughter and I at Christmas.  When she was little we would make gingerbread boy cookies and now that she lives too far away to do that, I usually send her one or several things I've picked up during the year that gingerbread boy related...this year she sent to me!

See that red & white object in the background?  That was SUPPOSED to have been sent to my daughter for Christmas - gingerbread boy silicone candy mold.

Mom, can you pull the drawstring tighter? No?


P.S. Oops, no design wall post this week...maybe next week will be better.


  1. These pictures look very cute. It seems that they are great cotton made Canvas Bags for pets like cats to play. Thanks for posting.

  2. Bahaha!! I love cats -- they are so entertaining! This particular bag was color-made for your pussycat! :)


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