Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Common Sense

I'll come right and say it.  We are a nation that has litigated and entertained itself right out of Common Sense.  A couple of days ago I purchased a nice big, yet relatively inexpensive toaster oven.  I now have an "oven", and though not a full size, it will be , and is, an asset to my kitchen :)  This morning I was looking at some of the reviews on this oven, most highly favorable, and this one caught my eye.  I just absolutely love it, and couldn't have said it any better.

"Some reviewers have criticized the fact that the metal parts of the oven get hot enough to burn if touched. To them, I say... It's an oven! A small oven with little to no insulation! It's supposed to get hot, and you're not supposed to touch it when it is! if it didn't get hot, it would FAIL AT ITS INTENDED PURPOSE!"

Why would anyone even consider that an oven would NOT be hot to the touch when it's in use?  Yet that's the stuff of lawsuits, remember that case of the fast food chain that was sued because a woman put a cup of HOT coffee between her knees to hold it and got burned when it spilled?  Common sense would say - DON'T put a paper cup of HOT coffee between your knees for any reason or any amount of time! Just DON'T! All those warnings that seem ridiculous are because some lame brain DIDN'T use Common Sense and decided to sue; ok, maybe a few were legit and needed to sue, but the majority are from plain foolishness and lack of sensibility on the part of the individual.

Hand in hand goes the woman this morning in the parking,  that for a brief instant the thought crossed my mind I WILL hit her.  I was driving through the parking lot and she, without looking AT ALL just hiked herself right across in front of me.  Now what would have happened if I had been distracted and hadn't noticed she was there or had been even closer than I was - just a couple of feet?  As it was, I came to a stop quite close to her and only then did she look up - I hope it scared her enough to use her eyes and ears the next time she blindly walks into traffic.  I am always amazed when I see people do this in parking lots.  Cars ARE bigger than people, and drivers DO get distracted if they're looking for a parking space. In my book, Common Sense says 'stop - look - listen'....AND that's what I was TAUGHT to do as a pedestrian.

Rant over, it's a busy day with a school conference and a quilting lesson for my "Padawan", but I'll have the evening free and need to find some fabric scraps for a class I'm taking a quilt show in March.  I have a friend bringing her AccuQuilt cutter over on Friday for some of the pieces and I need to be ready.

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  1. Sometimes it just makes you want to scream out "having a 'duh' moment, are we?" Have fun at your quilting class!


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