Friday, February 8, 2013

Miscellaney aka Fina-Lee Friday

Not all of these are images from this week, but it's Friday, I'm tired, both my arm and back hurt (from back issues), and I didn't want to miss another posting.  I really would like to be consistent with at least a daily post.  So today, I will share a handful of pictures taken since the 1st of January.

Close-up of frost damaged jade plant.  All the dead 'leaves' will drop off and the stems are still viable, so though it may look ugly for awhile, new growth will fill in on the stems - self-pruning?

One, of two, large frost-damaged jade plants.

This is what happens to your iron when kitties knock it over and the water starts seeping out and you don't notice for who-knows-how-long.  And, while the sole-plate is now cleaned, I'm still getting a whole lot of dried mineral deposits coming out every time I use.  I need to do a clean cycle.

These are the culprits, they like to hang out with me wherever I am, and they even like having their own chairs!  Love these guys gals.

This is a section of my laptops keyboard.  Funny how the flash makes it look brown and old-timey, and well, dirty - it really isn't!  Notice the wear patterns on the N and the L .
And check out the wear on the E, S, D, &C!  I've never noticed wear patterns like this on any other equipment I've ever used over the years.  I'm thinking the material must really be soft.  My laptop is probably about 5 years old an I do use it a lot.


  1. I have not tried this yet....but have been told that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works well for cleaning off the bottom of gunky irons. It is what Sharon Schamber (a well known longarm quilter) recommends in one of her videos. Might be worth a try.


  2. Bad kitties!! Funnily enough, I've completely worn the "N" off my keyboard. The "L" is almost gone, too. Good thing I don't need to look at my keyboard to type, huh? A newbie typist (or a hunt and peck person) would be in trouble!!! :)


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