Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Padawan's Quilt

I think I've mentioned before that I have a quilting student.  She refers to herself as my Padawan and to me as her quilting Master - though I'm far from a master-quilter, but at this time, I do have more knowledge and experience than she does so therefore, I can teach her what I know.  She is an excellent student.  She's also becoming a good friend.  And she's young enough to be my daughter which makes it fun too.  When we first started meeting at the end of last year, she still had her sewing machine in the box it was purchased in - unopened.  She is a true beginner, even at sewing for the most part, though she said when she was young she had made an apron, and she had done a very tiny 'quilt' with a group of ladies possibly by hand.

Her quilt is not yet finished, but she has done an excellent job to this point.  And, as a newbie, she opted to tie it instead of machine or hand-quilting.  I have not yet mastered the former, at least not in free-motion, and have never tried the latter.  She is ready to prepare and add the binding, but we will have to skip tomorrow's lesson as her kids are sick and my own son is sick too.  

Here is her quilt: 


  1. It looks very pretty, I really like her colour selections.

  2. Haha! Love the Star Wars references! It's looking great -- you're a good teacher and she's a good student!! :)


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