Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stash Report, Week 49

I am using some fabric from this stash, but alas, as is my way of accounting, it won't be counted until the last stitch in the binding is done! And that could take many years ;/  While the Easy Street project I'm working on was shopped mostly from my stash, I was a bit low on one of the fabric colors, so I've added to my stash, and additions are, well, added on the front end, so my numbers continue to go up rather than down. Hmmm, I could manipulate the numbers by going ahead and deleting what I pulled and then re-adding what I don't use....maybe I'll do it that way in 2013, or not.  I'll have to think on it.

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 0 yards
Added this Week: 5.3 yards
Added Year to Date: 59.1 yards
Net Used for 2012: -59.1 yards

When I was looking for my black & white fabrics, I went to Joann's - we no longer have an LQS though there is a craft store that carries a nice selection of quilt fabric, but it doesn't open until later and is all the way across town.  Anyway, our Joann's is awful, I really, really do not like it. It's small, dingy & in need of upgrades.  Years ago when under different management, they had a huge inventory but it was so packed & in disarray that you couldn't find anything and I wondered how it ever passed fire code inspections - yeah, it was that bad.  It's changed management, maybe more than once but I don't know for sure.  Now it carries a few higher end fabrics, but far less in the way of selection.  I had a coupon for 50% off regular price but all the fabric was on sale so couldn't use it and wasn't interested in any other items except maybe a magazine but they were on sale too :( and then at checkout, I noticed the coupon was expired anyway - oh well.  I did find a few selections and had them cut and she was generous with her cuts.  I've had times where 18" was precisely 18" and not one thread more, and you know you always lose a little to shrinkage!  And the cutter/cashier was very nice and smiled, not the usual persona for this Joann's!   

I decided since I'd be picking Nick up from school, which is on the other side of town, and I had to pass by the craft store, I'd go ahead and leave early and stop in.  I found a few selections there as well and at checkout, the clerk was one of the gals from our guild and I realized as guild members, we get a discount, so that was a blessing and saved me $4. And that's how I managed to increase my stash this week.

Head over to Patchwork Times and see how others are doing as this year is rapidly drawing to a close.  Judy also has a separate message on her stash reports over the years.

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  1. Look at you -- you've accumulated a tidy little stash this year!! I love that my favorite LQS gives us a 10% discount with our guild card. And a 4% after that if we use cash or check. Nice!! :)


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