Tuesday, December 11, 2012


While most of the country relished in Fall/Autumn way back in September, those of us in warmer, drier climates, don't get to see much in the way of fall color, and when we do it doesn't last long.  I didn't take any pix like last year in our area, but I did snap a shot of the remaining leaves on our back lawn yard of mostly concrete.  This isn't the best leaf-drop we've ever had, and it had already been on the ground for a few days before I thought of finding my camera, hence it's dry, brown appearance.  There are still quite a few leaves on the tree, it doesn't usually give a real leaf dump until this time every year.  We're expecting some rain again over the next couple days, so maybe more leaves will fall and it'll look better when it's wet.

Standing on patio

Taken through dining room window.
Tomorrow I'll try to remember to get a photo of the blossoms on our Jade Plant out front; I just noticed yesterday that it's beginning to bloom.  As a child up north in the wet land where it rains and it freezes, the only way to grow a Jade was indoors.  My grandmother was very proud of her 'large', potted Jade - it was maybe a foot or so tall in a medium-sized pot.  When I moved to this hot dry land, I was very surprised to see how big they could get, and that they grew outside directly in the ground, and that they flowered in December!  Oh, and in the second picture against the wall on the right, that low growing plant is an airplane/spider plant.  Who knew they grew so well here, in the ground, and also bloom! 

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