Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cat Tails # 2

Yesterday was Flame's day to get into mischief.  I have some boxes I'm sorting through of things that had been in the old bathrooms and 'decluttering' them before putting things back in the new bathroom.  This is a sequined hair comb and I'd set it on the box and this little stinker came up and grabbed it and ran off down the hallway with it, not stopping until she got to Nick's bedroom - don't look at his mess, he's a boy, he's 14, he'2 been sick ;p

Along the way we passed the toy bins that were in his bedroom before he rearranged, and just before I broke my foot, and there's as far as we got with them.  We need to decide if there's anything he wants to keep indefinitely and then determine what to do with the rest.

Anyway, I wasn't quick enough with the camera when Flame first grabbed this, so this is actually a re-enactment, yes, she was more than willing to repeat her little grab and run.  Gotta watch these cat burglers fur-babies.

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