Monday, December 31, 2012

Breezing Down Easy Street

I started working on Step 7 of Easy Street (link on side bar) this afternoon.  I still have no idea how this will be arranged - truly a mystery, but then, I haven't sat down and really tried to play around with the possibilities either.  

Today's release gave us these four 'corners' - are they really corners? hmmm, we shall see.  In addition to the four 'corners', we're to make 12 of the larger triangle sets - I've done two, and I'm a bit tuckered out - so only two are being shown in my photo.

I'm excited with how my colors are working together; I thought more of the reds & blues would show, but wow, so far, those yellows/golds are really popping.  

Easy Street Step 7 on design wall.


  1. Lee, this is gorgeous!! I love the golds! It's always fun to see when folks choose different colors from the norm! Happy New Year!!! :)

  2. Your colours look great! It is wonderful to see how it all works together in everyone's personal colour choices. It is going to be a very beautiful quilt!


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