Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hustling Down Easy Street

This morning I finished sewing the two-sies for Step 1 on Easy Street and started working on turning them into 4-Patch units.  I love making progress.  I was slow in getting started so that's why I'm now HUSTLING to catch up with everyone else before the next step gets released on Friday.  I know, I could just do a portion so that I have some of each step done, but I want to keep that progress-in-motion going, so am completing each step as I go.  Here's a couple of pics to see where my hours were spent yesterday and are on-going today. :)  

This pile is 384 two-sie sets, actually there's a few more than that, like 4 or 5 extras.

Coming off my machine are the 4-Patch units; I opened up 3 of them so you could see how they look.
I've a whole lot more to do so I best get....hustlin'.

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