Saturday, December 15, 2012

If Only....

"If only"....two words, that if it were at all possible, many folks today would be connecting to "...we could turn back time". I'd like to think there's not a soul in the world who would say otherwise.  But even if time could be rearranged, would it be able to be changed? Would any one have known, or been able to stop the actions of one with evil intent?  If only.

The events of yesterday, as with any world-shattering, unbelievable event, has so many deep ramifications to so many people, in ways we individually may never realize.  I came across one here, at this newspaper.  Wonderful memories of the reporter's elementary school years now forever tarnished, along with the beauty of a small town.  It will take a long time for my heart to stop aching for the folks there.  A young woman in my quilt guild was also from there.  I don't know if she new or was related to any of the immediate families at the heart of loss.

We have a pastor friend who lives in that town.  For us, and them, thankfully their children are homeschooled.  Even so, it doesn't lessen the pain they feel for their community, but it does give them a greater opportunity to minister to that community. I pray the Lord will use them mightily.  



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  1. Great article -- I'd not thought of it from that perspective.

    I think "if only" is best responded to with "God is the Sovereign". Dwelling on 'hindsights' is so unproductive. I told my SS girls this morning that I couldn't imagine being connected to Newtown, CT, and not knowing Jesus as Savior -- how hard it would be to have *any* hope in the face of this terrible, senseless act, without Jesus. Continuing to pray for that community, and that Jesus will not tarry in His return. :)


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