Friday, December 28, 2012

Fina-Lee Friday

  • Stopped behind a car at a signal the other day.  The driver, a male probably middle-aged, while holding a cigarette would put his arm out his open window so the smoke wouldn't billow inside the car.  His license plate frame read "Proud to be a respiratory therapist." 
  • Just as I was starting to feel better from this crud in my chest, my lower back started giving me fits.  It's only slightly better today after going to the doc, getting x-rayed, getting an order for an MRI (when I can lay on my back for more than 30 minutes without coughing), an order of painkillers which don't work, and a 3-day supply of Prednisone.  I meander around the house doing the "Old Lady Shuffle".  I'm sure y'all can picture that one ... slow and careful!
  • Marty bought me a new computer for Christmas. Desktop model with a nice large monitor :) It's still downstairs - no place to set it yet in my She Den (when I can't move, I can't clean or rearrange).  The biggest problem:  Windows 8.  I'd like to call the creator of this operating system a few names that do NOT include genius.  You'd think they'd give you a manual or make a tutorial easy to find. Hah!
  • Found a pair of Nick's clean & folded socks on the dining room floor and wondered how they got there, then remembered, oh yeah, Klepto Kat (aka Flame who likes to grab & run).
  • Raven gets to go to the vet tomorrow morning.  She seems to have a rather gnarly/nasty looking tooth and upper gum in the back right of her mouth - I can imagine that will be a pretty high vet bill.
  • My daughter sent us a Christmas gift box filled with all kinds of home-made tasty treats: Chex mix, fudge, habanero fudge - ooh and does it ever have a kick, butter brickle, a clay handprint of my grandson - it's so tiny :), coffee roasted from the town she lives in, and a couple other items for each of us.  Fun. 
  • Step 6 of Easy Street came out today, so I need to attempt it, though not sure I can stand and lean over the table to cut the pieces.  May have to sit to do it.
Have a Fantastic Friday everyone!

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