Friday, December 28, 2012

Cat Tails # 6

I should have had my camera ready for this one, but alas, it was Friday the 21st and I was still hacking and wheezing and just didn't have myself and my thought processes all together.

I had stood up from my computer and glanced over at my trash can which sits right next to the wall. There, hanging out in all of it's boldness was a little Jiminy.  Yeah, as in Jiminy CRICKET.  Well, that wasn't my hearth, where they're supposed to bring good luck, but was in my so-very-unkempt She-Den - you know, where I have fabric, and tons of paper genealogy, and ancient photos and all things crickets like, and the last thing that was going to pull on my heart-strings was a Jiminy.  Remember the spider-cat story here? Uh huh.   Well, Jiminy got scooped up into a plastic container I had at hand and was carried downstairs.  OK, I did consider briefly that I could just toss him out the back door, after all, he was just a little guy, but where there's one, there's likely more, so he received no grace. 

So Jiminy got a ride to the dining room where there were nice open spaces known as Tile Floor should he decide to have a good hop, and as his fate was cast, two eagerly awaiting kitties were right there wondering what Mama had in store for them.  Jiminy was dumped out on the floor and kitties gave their tentative little paw-bats trying to figure out what this new toy was.  They actually took turns.  After only about five minutes, during which time Jiminy never really gave any good hops to get the excitement going, rather just crawled along like a tired cockroach, Raven decided it was time to see if Jiminy was a worthy snack.  Jiminy must have been quite comparable to the spider as Jiminy didn't last long.  Raven strolled off pleased as punch and Flame said "where's my treat?" and licked up the last remaining Jiminy-leg.

Isn't this a heart-warming story? 


  1. I think it is good you came up for fresh air out of the She-Den.

  2. Bahaha!!! That's so gross!!! Love it! :)


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