Monday, April 15, 2013

UFO Parade

Patchwork Times' Judy has invited us to post a parade of our UnFinished Objects.  

I have added a tab at the top of the blog where I'll track mine.  Most have a link to where I posted earlier progress reports on them. I'll add a few notes here too though.

For this first Parade post I'll list them all here:

  • 1.  #010 - Country Charms/Dragonfly  This is my oldest, and I can't believe it's been 10 years and 6 days since I started it!  It's pinned and ready to quilt.
  • 2.  #015 - Feathered Star   This is a flimsy, was paper pieced and started in Feb. 2006.
  • 3.  #016a - bricks, vertical  This, and #016b, are both flimsies.  They started as one quilt but I realized I'd made more blocks than what I wanted or needed for the original size, so decided to divide them up and make it two quilts.  They both still need borders, and they were started...hmmm, my chart says 1905, uh, I think I need to fix that error, probably 2005.  I was probably working genealogy at the same time I was piecing ;p
  • 4.  #016b - bricks, horizontal
  • 5.  #017 - Lighthouse Farm  This is a small needle-turn applique project, not something I'm fond of, it may take a lonnnggg while to get this one off the UFO list.  It's pieces are cut, but I don't remember if I'd done any more than that.  Now that I've discovered fusible web, it may play a part in the process.
  • 6.  #018 - Mystery Quilt:The Case of The Mysterious Voter  Here, I took a mystery class with Billie Lauder.  It's finished to the flimsy stage
  • 7.  #019 - Asher's Quilt This name will likely change - it's the name of the pattern in the magazine.  Borders need to be added.  It was originally planned to be a missionary quilt but that group has been disbanded so not sure where it'll end up.
  • 8.  #020 - Churn Dash/Hidden Spools  This is ready to be quilted, all pinned and ready to go.
  • 9.  #021 - The Puzzler  We have another flimsy here, and it turned out really pretty.
  • 10. #022 - Cumberland Mountain   And of course I just wrote about this one, it's partially quilted, and will be worked on in the days ahead.
  • 11. #023 - Rooster  My All-By-Hand project, still in the blocks-need-to-be-finished stage.
  • 12. #024 - Thank You For Our Bounty  Assigned, and needlepoint 'medallion' is finished, some fabrics are pulled, still considering a design.
  • 13. #025 - Pumpkin Frost  The link explains it's still in the 'gathering' stage.
  • 14. #026 - Victoria's wedding quilt I began this for my daughter in 2008, for a wedding gift to her and her then fiance'.  They were married in the Fall of 2009, and it still requires borders.
  • 15. #031 - Valentine wall hanging  Began in late 2009, it is also pinned and ready to be quilted.
  • 16. #032 - Bella Luce  From here on, are my more recent quilts, this one is a flimsy.
  • 17. #033 - Stairstepper  I have only assigned and kitted this one, no sewing, let alone cutting, has happened here.
  • 18. #034 - Storm At Sea aka "Poseidon Loses"  I love, love, love this one, but did not love the process so much, read all about through the link.
  • 19. #035 - Easy Street Mystery  Who doesn't know about Easy Street?  Through the link, scroll down the posting to see the image of mine in a different colorway than Bonnie Hunter used.  I've tucked it away for now as a flimsy, but haven't decided whether to add borders or not - it's already a fairly large piece.
  • 20. #036 - Circle of Light  Another one where I posted about more than one quilt project, so via the link, you'll then have to scroll down to item 2 of the post to see a design wall initial layout - the blocks currently reside in a bin in the stash closet...not forgotten, just waiting on the back burner.
  • 21. #037 - I Spy  This is really on assigned and pattern chosen, not a real UFO yet, but will be.
  • 22. #038 - O Christmas Tree  This is another very recent project, now a flimsy, waiting for that quilting pin process.
  • 23. #039 - Simple Tribute #2  I've also just recently assigned this one and cut and designated the logs for it.  It's a patriotic log-cabin and this will be the second one I will have made.  The first can be seen here and is shown as quilt #029.
  • 24. #040 Pyramids
I have not included as UFO's the quilts I expect to make from all the spool sets, bow ties, and tumbler pieces I've recently cut as they are Leader/Ender projects.  Well, maybe the tumblers will become a 'regular' project, but for now, it's an L/E.  When I have sufficient blocks to make a quilt, then I'll add to the UFO list.  

The names may eventually change on some of these, but the #xxx number will always remain the same.  I've tracked my quilts since I began quilting around 1999.  Obviously, I'm not as prolific as are some, but I'm working on that :)


  1. That's a very respectable UFO list. =) I made another page for my UFOs, too. It just seems the easiest way to keep track of them. I didn't number them, though. I'll think about that. =)

  2. I love your numbering system to keep track of your quilts!


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