Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tumbling Along

OK, so last week I posted about all the scraps I'd cut up for bow tie block sets.  I decided on a solid black for the background and have those pieces all cut as well, hopefully enough to make a fair-sized quilt.

This week, I've been busy cutting more scraps into tumblers using a 3" (finished size) acrylic template.  I had a number of 3.5" strips and squares so I sorted through them for the color values and patterns I wanted.  That gave me just under 500 tumblers.  If I calculated correctly (math is not my best ability), I need somewhere around 900 tumblers for a single quilt that would barely fit as a coverlet for a double bed, so I also raided my 'less than .25 yard' stash bin and spent yesterday pressing the fabric and cutting to 3.5" strips so that I could use the template.  I seem to have more blues than any other color, with tans/creams a close second so those will be the primary colors but there will also be reds, pinks, greens, purples, golds, and a small smattering of black or gray background prints.  

Most of my scrap quilts will have a lot of the same fabrics since those pieces were originally cut into varying sizes.  Most fabrics are more subdued, but others are just bright enough to add a little 'pop' and interest here and there.  I will most likely cut well over the 900 and that will give me lots of variation.  While I probably have over 900 individual fabrics in my scraps and stash, this will not be done as a charm quilt, there will be a lot a repeats throughout.

Raw cut at 3.5" heighth tumblers

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  1. Wow, you're going to have a lot of good stitching time ahead! Projects like this are so great when you just have a few minutes at a time to sew. I'm really liking that tumbler block pattern more and more as I see what everyone is creating with it.


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