Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gettin' Close

To having a finish!  And here's the proof:

Since both Marty and my camera were at hand, I had Marty snap a shot of me working on the quilt I'm finishing up for my friend Lois.  My fingers are so out of shape and are a bit sore.  I use these in lieu of a thimble:

I really like them as they do help keep my middle fingertip from getting tender from the eye end of the needle as I push it through the fabric.  Mostly sore is my thumb and index finger from gripping the needle to pull it through.

I'm guessing I have about an hour's worth of hand-stitching and I can call it finished, which means, I WILL have something to report as 'stash out' in tomorrow's stash report.  I haven't yet added a label, and will have to think of what I want to write on it for my friend, something like 'better late than never....' maybe?

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