Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy, Busy June

Today is the first of June so that means a new number has been chosen at Patchwork Times for the UFO Challenge.  If I were going to be home for more than the next few days of June, this is what I would be working on:  It's called Pumpkin Frost (Scarecrow).

This is the scarecrow I plan to do.  The project is all Log Cabin and each log finishes at 1/4" and each block finishes at 2 1/2" square.  The element above is only of the scarecrow which is all I plan to do.  There are other elements on the much larger portion of the quilt.  When finished, the chosen element should be 45 1/2" square.  It is presented separately in the book.

This is the book it's from.  It's out of print, but I found a like-new copy online a few years ago for just a couple dollars.  I'd seen the quilt sample displayed at our former LQS.  It had been taught in a class, and I loved it for a Fall wall-hanging.  I was not able to take the class.

Some brown selections to choose from.

Red and gold selections to choose from.

The tans and light brown options.

Auditioning for the greens role.

The lights choices in the running.

And we can't forget the purples.
But as I said, I'll be gone for all of June so won't be getting to this, but instead I will take a project on this year's list that is being done entirely by hand, and put this one into the place where that one, #11 will be when it gets chosen.  So this is the one I'll take with me and consider my 'June' UFO:

Dresden Plate block, in work

Road To Oklahoma II block - finished

Fool's Puzzle II / Wonder Of The World block - finished

Clown's Choice block - finished

Color Wheel block - finished
There will be a sixth block, an appliqued rooster.  I have had a difficult time finding just the exact rooster I want, but at a show in March I found a quilt pattern that has some roosters that just might fit the bill.  This is a quilt of my own design - just six simple squares and it will have sashing and borders.  My intent is to also hand-quilt it, something I have NO experience in doing.  It'll keep me busy for quite awhile yet an will be perfect to take with me on my trip.

I would love to use/find the pattern to the quilt displayed as the header at Cat Lover and Quilt Maker.  It is what I've had in my mind's eye that I haven't been able to find.  I'll have to send a note to her and see if she can tell me anything about it, or what the pattern is.  If not, I could probably also sit and try to sketch one out for the size I need that looks similar.  I'd like mine to face the other direction though.

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  1. Wow -- that scarecrow is made up of all log cabin squares??? Whew! Your black,red, and white blocks are beautiful and should be a fun one to play with!! I have a couple of applique rooster patterns. I'll take a look and see if I can find one that looks like the one that's in her header. Other than the rooster, the rest of the piece looks pretty simple to put together! :)


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