Sunday, November 3, 2013

WooHoo, It's Mine

It is, it is, it is :)  Can you tell I'm really, really excited?  

Photo stolen from guild's facebook page ;p
It has drawers, and it has a place to put a serger, if I had one, but still, that area can maybe be used for my computer for now.

Marty is not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds - yeah, right, what man ever listens to doctor's orders - so after I scolded him, he was able to take the three sections apart, which made it very doable for Nick and I to carry the main portions down the lady's stairs.  Oh my, she had the most beautiful home which she put on the market just yesterday.  I could live in that home!  And the room she had for quilting was 'to die for', oh my yes, but 2800 sq. feet, and $599K is a bit much for me on both counts.  It's possible her area also had a home owner association fee.  The only thing I saw that I didn't like were the burner grates on the range top.  I don't understand those things that sit up 6" high, do you?  Ok, well they're probably only 3" high, but it's way to easy for me to see a big pot of boiling water getting tipped over the edge!  Oops, I took a rabbit trail there again, didn't I. Back to the sewing cabinet. 

There's no brand name anywhere but she said that she had purchased it from a well-known sewing machine place out here that also carries, maybe makes their own cabinets.  The only thing 'missing' is the door that covers the leg well, certainly no problem for me.  It's very well made of melamine laminate and oak trim, and the drawer bottom rails are covered with steel; it has rolling casters with locks. It has no broken places nor any marks and stains that I could see.  Did I mention that this was FREE?  We only had to pick it up and bring it home.  I am so blessed! Especially with no income coming in to our bank account!  I will certainly send this lady a thank you card.

I'm already rearranging a few things in my Sanctuary and will post pictures after it's all done.  Marty is cutting and painting the final baseboard trim and will need to install it before I can put things in place.  We held off on that one because we were just going to put cabinets on that wall but because of his lay-off, decided to not spend the money for them.  So I may never get the cabinets, and you know what?  I think I'm okay with that.  I will make do with what we have and again, I am so blessed to be able to have acquired this near-perfect condition even has the insert that fits into the sewing machine hole to make it a solid top, but I will have to figure out something for my own machine which is a Pfaff.  She had a Bernina, but didn't mention if she had an insert to fit the bed of that or not, she had two other cabinets she was taking with her so if she had an insert, I'm sure she's keeping it.

We got it home, leaving it in the 4Runner while we came in and had lunch, and Marty took measurements to take care of the baseboard.  I sat down to write this post, and suddenly, I hear wheels rolling along the floor downstairs.  Blasted man!! Defying doctor's orders, he'd pulled out the padded furniture roller - which weighs more than 10 pounds! and had pulled the first section of the cabinet out of the car and had it in the house.  Why are men so stubborn?  He didn't ask me to help, he didn't ask Nick to help, he just DID it, so he was gently scolded again as I helped him with the other two pieces.  They will remain in the living room until Nick  and I can bring them upstairs after the rearrangements and baseboard are done.  

Maybe Marty can make me one from plywood, or maybe even the place from where this cabinet was purchased can do a plexi-glass (cost?) if I can provide a template.  And I can do that easily as I have the insert for my portable sewing table (SewEzi), yep, already checked, it's about an inch too deep front-to-back to sit into the hole of the cabinet.

Now Marty headed off to Lowe's for something to fix a drain to the street.  The drain is behind our garage and is always getting clogged with leaves and debris which forces rain water to run through the garage if it backs up.  He's truly getting cabin fever - maybe that's a good sign and will re-invigorate him on his job hunt!

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