Monday, November 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday, 11 November 2013

On my design wall today are elements for my November NewFO.  I have all the 9-Patch units done and have only begun working on the side elements that create the star points; the one you see is the only set of four that's done.  I was side-tracked over the weekend!

How was I side-tracked?  By genealogy.  You see, ArkivDigital, a Swedish genealogy site was offering complete viewing of their records ... FREE for the weekend !!!  And I like free, especially at this time in our life.  And who wouldn't like being able to search for document images in Sweden?  I was able to find, and save to file and print, about a half-inch tall stack of documents, mostly church records for births and what amounts to a form of census called "Household Records".  All of which gave me birth dates I didn't have and even names of siblings of my direct ancestors.  Some of these were from the very early 1800's.  All that to say, I didn't make much quilting progress.

Another small sampling of the 77, 9-Patch blocks, one with the star point units pinned next to it.
I love scrappy!  So much fun mixed in! 
Close up.  These are the only 4 "wing" sets I've done, who knows which 9-P they'll become attached to later.

Wait a minute, do you plan on doing my pressing?

Look at the fun ice-cream treats in there, yum.

Here, kitty, kitty, join me for tea in my garden?
Linking up with Patchwork Times and then I'll see what you've all been up to :)

Marty's at his all morning long interview, with four or five different individuals in rotation at that company, so I'm praying God's will and that if he gets this position, great, we can celebrate, but if not, that Marty won't be discouraged and will recognize he just needs to keep trying, God will provide in His timing and His location.

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