Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Update on Job Hunt, etc.

Marty's feeling a whole lot better since his surgery.   Hard to believe that was already a week ago yesterday!

Today he went out and got a haircut.  We discussed my cutting his hair with the hair cutting kit that he bought, but since I haven't done that before we decided to wait a bit.  He doesn't have a lot of hair, and is not shaving off the very top of his dome.  And the reason we decided to wait on my doing it?

He has a face-to-face interview tomorrow.  It wouldn't look too cool if he had gouges in his scalp or uneven sides or something.  I don't think Nick will let me practice on him either, not with all those curls that he'd just as soon have hanging to his shoulders.  Ah, but for school dress and hair codes, he would.

Marty also has an upcoming telephone interview, but I don't know when that's scheduled, it might not actually be scheduled yet.

Another thing Marty did today...registered at the local community college.  I'm just not gung ho on that path for him at this stage, but he said it didn't cost anything to register, so I kept quiet.  Not sure but I think he thinks he can work on a nursing/medical/sonogram/x-ray field of study....me, I'm not sure that's a good fit for him for so many reasons, but it's his decision.

And while I was at my computer briefly earlier today, Flame decided she needed to come pay attention to me for a change, so to keep kitty-computer-time fair, here's a shot of her peering over the top of my laptop.  

Sweet Flame :)

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