Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Auditioning Dilemna

Do you have trouble deciding on fabric options?  I know I do.  I'm analytical, and indecisive.  Here is a sampling of some fabrics for background and setting triangles for the Gathered Over Time quilt.  Rather than pin them onto my design wall, I laid them out on my cutting table, which may not be the best place because the light doesn't really hit it the best, and I can't step back far enough to see it at the right angle.  

Well, I'll post some pictures, and if you have any thoughts, please share.  I began by considering the white-on-white as the background and a creamy tone-on-tone for the setting triangles.  But then I tried it in reverse, with a buttery cream as the background and a W-O-W as the triangles, hmmmm.  I may still have to get this onto the wall before I can make a choice.  I hope the pictures will show the options well enough.
white background, cream 'check' on right edge

Close-up of the above

white background, floral cream on left edge

Close-up of the above

butter-cream background, white tonal on top and right

Close-up of above
After looking at the photos, I'm thinking I like the butter-cream choice as the background, it seems to warm it up and make it look almost antique-y, and with the white on the outer edge, as opposed to the opposite, it pulls the eye back to the center.  I won't choose a binding until the top is done, but it could be a dark blue, or red, or green, or brown, or, well, who knows.

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