Friday, November 22, 2013

Finding Friday

Whew! Where'd the last couple of days go?  Into history for sure.

This morning was again taken up in a meeting with our financial guy.  It can be aggravating for me as Marty's insecurities kick in and we use up half the allotted time re-hashing the same stuff we've gone over in practically every meeting we've had to date, which pushes out going over what we were scheduled to go over.  Big sigh!  This is how Marty processes things.  I sit by quietly.

Marty clearly needs a place to go to so that he can get his mind off all of the job-hunt stuff and decisions for the future so I pushed for him to go ahead a spend the little bit of money and GO.  He received word today that he did not get the position he interviewed for last week with Yellow Pages.

So with the forecasted snow for the areas where he enjoys going to do landscape photography, he and his friend left just moments ago for an overnight and all day tomorrow outing.  I'm hoping it's a really refreshing time for him.  And I won't say just how much I'll enjoy these next 24 hours of having my own space....oh, I guess I just did, snicker :)

I used the dust mop on the Sanctuary floors for the first time in several days, and wow, what a lot of dust and cat hair!  

I didn't realize until this morning that Nick doesn't have school at all next week, and here I was thinking he had to go Mon. through Wed.  Silly me.  Nick has been invited to a four or five hour activity tomorrow, so I'll have the better part of the afternoon entirely to myself.

We had some rain yesterday and our temps have turned quite chilly.  At 7:30 p.m. we were already down to 49, but that's still no where as cold as where my daughter lives.  Her area is expecting temps in the upper teens and 20s over the next few days, brrrrr. 

There's not much to speak of today I guess.  I haven't done any quilt-work today, so there'll be no post at Webs of Threads.  And I only did the pressing on the star-point units last night so that's not a lot to write about.  

Tomorrow's another day; we'll see what the Lord has in store for it. 

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