Monday, November 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday, 4 November 2013

I'm still working on Gathered Over Time.  I have finished 45 of the 99 9-patch units. 
Backside of one of the 9-patches
When I press my 9-Ps, I begin on the back so that I can open the seams and spin them.  This gives me a much flatter block, and makes for less bulk.
Spinning the seams to ease bulk.

Travel iron
For my birthday during the summer, my aunt gifted me with one of those portable ironing/cutting pads that folds so you can take it along to quilt classes.  It is a joy to have it next to my sewing station. I've had this little travel iron since Marty and I married in 1996 but rarely used it.  Well it occurred to me that it would make the perfect iron for the pressing board.  It also steams! And I'm a steamer.  That little water chamber holds maybe two tablespoons of water, and I sure do have to refill it frequently.  It's tip is perfectly pointy for getting at those seams. The iron was a wedding gift to us and as you can see, it is branded for JCPenney.  It doesn't have auto shut off so I really have to pay attention to make sure I shut it off when I leave the room.  The kitties are in here frequently and I'm afraid they'll burn their little noses or knock it over.
Shows the size in relation to my hand - and I have small hands.
The most recent batch of 25 of the little 9-P blocks.  There will be a few that will pop for fun.
30 + 25 = 55....and 99 are needed
Blogger rotated the photo again...these are the remaining 43 (1 is on the sewing machine) in the holding tub.  Hmmm, that only looks like 34 units...did I miscount?  Maybe the kitties ran off with some.
Raven was having quite the time of disturbing my work this morning.  She took a liking to that pencil.  She managed to bat it under the printer, I retrieved it, and then she batted it to the floor and quite smugly took off and left it there losing interest at that point.

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