Friday, November 15, 2013

Wing Blocks or Star-Point Blocks

I've been calling them wing blocks because they look like wings or flaps hanging off the 9-P blocks on the design wall, but only because I haven't pinned up the corner squares to complete the whole block.  I guess they should be called Star-Point Blocks, though you wouldn't know they were star points until you put all four sides next to the 9-Patches.
Using reds/brick tones for the star points, and neutrals for the background of the star-point blocks.
Chain piecing adding the squares for the star points.
I really dislike drawing diagonal lines, so I use tape and then just line up the bottom corner along the edge as I sew.  The blue tape is several layers thick, and is used to give me a consistent 1/4" seam.
After the first diagonal stitching is made, I'm adding a second line of stitching  for those bonus triangle squares, a la Bonnie Hunter :)
Ooooh, do you see the problem?
Yep, I sewed the second line of stitching to the wrong side of the first diagonal line of stitching!
Pile of trimmed off triangle squares ready to be trimmed and pressed.  They will be 2" square when trimmed to finish as 1.5" blocks for a something someday quilt.
I have 21 of 77 sets done.  I didn't get to any sewing yet today, but the evening isn't over, so there's still hope.  

After picking Nick up from school, I just needed a nap so I took one, and woke to Marty being frustrated by COBRA messing up on our prescription coverage even though the payment was sent.  We, yep, it involved me and using speaker phone, and after 20 minutes of phone tree hell we were told the number we called couldn't help us, we had to go back to whomever was administering the COBRA plan.  He'd already talked with them and was told they'd have to 'research' it...well, it's Friday, so we won't hear anything over the weekend and in the mean time, Marty goes without his prescription... unless he was willing to pay $119.00 for it...not!

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