Monday, November 28, 2011


Why? did I purchase this coffee pot? Better yet, Why? do I keep it? I do not like it. Marty does not like it. At the time it seemed like a good-idea-coffee-pot, it has the grinder built into the top, has a timer and it all goes into the thermal carafe...or not. We've lost count of the number of times something went wrong: the carafe didn't get put in, the basket with the grounds didn't stay pushed in, it's tubes get clogged. It doesn't have an auto-shut-off if the carafe isn't in or the basket pops out or doesn't get put in all the goes everywhere, as do the grounds because the basket overflows when the carafe isn't in place. And cleaning the - stays - wet - all - the - time! Oh, and if you don't take the lid off the carafe, it only dribbles into your cup, and if you should happen to drop it on your tile floor, the spout breaks and pouring issues are amplified. Wow, the exterior didn't look that bad until the flash hit it!
Why? can't I get this oven replaced? Better yet, Why? don't we push ahead for the complete kitchen remodel the kitchen so badly needs? Well, because we fear. We fear the future. We fear Marty may lose his job. We fear we might move at some point. We fear not finding a good contractor. And we procrastinate. Two procrastinators married to each makes for a whole lot of never-get-anything-done issues. Can you see the bungee cord going from the door handle to the top of the frame...uhhuh, without it, we risk the door falling off, so we open it very carefully and take a stance to bodily hold the door on...makes it fun removing hot dishes, lol. The clock/timer...hasn't worked in the 15.5 years I've been here. The oven thermometer...absolutely necessary, and necessary to check often...temps can fluctuate from 25 - 75 degrees above where you set the dial. Camera flash sure makes every smudge show, doesn't it?
Why? have I let these boxes, bags and stacks of paper sit here for, um, let's say a long time in years. One box is Nick's school memorabilia as is the stack of stuff atop the boxes. The other, I think, is Victoria's (or maybe my own) stuff, or not. The bags? well, they're some books I culled off the downstairs bookshelves, to go...somewhere and/or to be sorted. One bag I think is filled with maps from National Geographic. Probably should go through them and see if there's anything I really, really want to keep. I think in the back of my mind, I thought they might come in useful with some of Nick's schoolwork, but hey, what do I know.
Why? did I find these pieces of a hamburger on the chair next to the computer Nick uses? 'Nuff said!
Why? does this bookshelf look like this? Funny thing is, there's at least 3 more that look pretty much the same! And what do I do with the VHS tapes now that no one wants them? Have you seen the shelves of them at thrift stores? Ugh!! Worse than vinyl LPs.
Why? did this guitar not get put away? and still hasn't. Probably for the same reason the folding table never got put away...and that one's mine. And what IS that white blob under the table? Someone's dirty tissue? eewww...the trash can is 2 feet away!
Why? are there ALWAYS two pair of dirty socks on the floor in front of the sofa? May be different socks, but ALWAYS two pair! They fit the same feet (not mine! not Marty's!). Probably the same reason those game wires are ALWAYS stretched across the room. The living room has become Nick's 'game' room, sigh!
Why? did I not get this packed up with the rest of the Christmas books last year? and Why? does it have that dust outline on it? Shhhhh, I haven't dusted in awhile. and I really want to know Why? Blogger rotated my picture? It was a 1/4 turn to the left to begin with!!!!
Why? are these tan silhouettes my family? Hehe, because I had old ancestral photos in it and noticed they were starting to fade and took them out with the intent to photocopy and, well, after I don't know how many years now, I just have tan silhouette family members ;) because it hasn't gotten done.
Why? does it still look like this above the entry door? Yeah, you guessed it, it's been years!! again. We had the ceiling resprayed in a knock-down style after encapsulating the 'cottage cheese with asbestos stuff' and Marty had painted the walls bright white in 1998 (they had been Navajo White - ugh, dull/dreary), and then more recently we replaced the front doors. In doing so, the old trim was removed and the new trim didn't cover what the old had...or maybe it had just not been painted to begin with, but now it's obvious. I think it's one of those "I expected Marty to do it." and in reality it's a "Marty never notices it, so if it's to get done, I have to specifically ASK Marty to do it and he'll get to it when he gets to it, or not, or I just do it myself and keep my mouth shut" things, so it hasn't gotten done.

That's my little trip around the house for today. You might pray I don't present another telling what could show up in that Why? episode. Now, on to more fun things :)

P.S. Why? can't I figure out how to get what I write placed next to the photo...I'm truly Blogger-challenged, hehe.

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  1. Lol, this was great! We redid our floors years ago and STILL haven't put up the baseboards. We have all sorts of unfinished projects. In fact, there is a small section of the floor itself that isn't finished. It's because we hate the 'new' floor and want to redo it, but again, it's been years. The other pictures all could have come from my house too, only your bookshelf looks much, much better than mine, and I have toys also cluttering my living room. I guess that's what I get for having 2 kids! ;)


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