Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quilt #014 "He Knows Them All By Name"

When I did this one, I went to my stash. Not sure why I had these starry, glittery fabrics, but thought they'd be perfect for the Cathedral Windows class with Shelley Swanland. This was only the second class I'd taken and I had a great time. This is a wallhanging that measures 24" square. It hangs in Nick's's part of that space theme (maybe that's why I had the fabric, rejected from Nick's planet quilt).

At JoAnn's I found the cute little blue with silver stars, star-shaped shank buttons which were perfect to cover my, ahem, less-than-perfect centers. I used regular buttons on the back so that the thread used on the buttons wouldn't pull on the fabric. I used a plate to mark the circles for quilting.

The class was on 3/13/2004 and I finished it on 3/25/2004...another one done quickly! I liked this little project; I should do more cathedral windows, but as a larger quilt. Don't look too closely at that bulge in the binding on the top, it could be the bottom, or the side, if I rotated it. I hadn't yet learned how to do an invisible binding connection, and I'm still not proficient enough to not have to stop and really think about and fuss with it to get it right. I'm constantly learning in my quilting journey. And to think how smug I was for not using pins in my very first project, lol.

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  1. This is very pretty -- it makes me think of Christmas and the cold, starry night sky under which the shepherds received the call to come see the baby Jesus. I love sparkly, glittery fabrics! I'm having a hard time keeping up with you today! You're on it! :)


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