Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday ... and it's already late evening

Well, I didn't get my Final-Lee/Fina-Lee Friday post done this week. Oh, I had my notes, and I know where they are, but well, you know, l-i-f-e, it just kinda gets in the way.

  • Back on Monday evening, I was playing around on that social network and saw a post from a friend, that she was headed over to another mutual friend's because that person (Jean) was dying. I became acquainted with Jean early in my Christian walk and she mentored me a little. She had a wonderful way of always turning my focus back to the Lord and to His Word when I bemoaned some issue in life. I had spent time in her home dining with her and her husband Chet. When I married, I was further away and didn't see her often though we would cross paths at church now and then. Chet passed away, and she remarried, and I saw her even less, then that husband passed away too, and well, I was involved in my own life, and she in hers. In her last years though, she was afflicted with Alzheimer's and my good friend "Ruth" (who was also my maid-of-honor) and Jean became close, and Ruth pretty much handled all of her affairs . Anyway, dearest Jean passed into glory around 10:30 p.m. (as I found out the next day). She is now free of the earthly bonds that chained her and we praise the Lord for that; Alzheimer's is awful. I couldn't bring myself in the last few years to go visit her...she wouldn't have known me at that point anyway; it had been hard enough a few times when she had enough clarity and was brought to church, but that had probably been over two years ago. Her graveside, and memorial services are set for this coming Friday and I'll go to those, hopefully.
  • My lower back & hips have been bothering me a whole lot again, so much today that I was very uncomfortable at church. Uncomfortable enough to be near tears. And I don't know what I did to cause it to flair up again. I know I need to exercise, but it becomes a catch-22, pain when I don't, and too painful to do so.
  • 23 years ago tonight, I was baptized at my church...and it was a Sunday then too :) I remember being fearful about presenting my testimony before everyone in this huge church, but they turn out the lights and you couldn't see but the first couple rows from the baptismal area :)
  • Watching the Duggar's' trip to England....oh my that's a lot of kids (19), I love my own two, but thank you Lord that that's all I have! and she's expecting again !?!
  • It rained today. It rained quite alot in a few hours. It rained enough to make the ceiling in my craft room drip steadily, AGAIN. Poor Marty climbed up into the ceiling area again to try to find the source...everything was dry as a bone as far as he could see. So he drilled a hole through the ceiling and stuck a dowel up through it to see from above as to where it was wet. And of course it's an area underneath the ducting for the A/C-heater unit on the roof, and the awful blown in insulation (that's the only insulation in this house and it's the yuckiest, most inefficient stuff (in my book!). So he found the wet spot, but still couldn't find where it was coming in from, aargghh. At least the stash closet is safe from this. I'll try to post pix tomorrow or later.
  • Marty's taking M-W off work; he has 'overflowing' vacation time at work and is losing it because it doesn't continue to accumulate after so long, nor can he just get paid for it instead. Nick is off school all week too. I should be happy about this, having both my guys home. But I need a lot of attitude adjustments these days. Last year, we went to where my daughter and family live so that I could meet my grandson. We have no such plans this year. Marty had mentioned he might go visit his 85 yr old dad who lives 8+ hours away, but not sure if he will. He's been taking part in Nick's plans with a friend to wrangle a snowboarding trip to some mountains a few hours away now that they have snow.
  • Need to get out of this chair, I think it may, at least in part, be contributing to my back pain.

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