Friday, November 11, 2011

Fina-Lee Friday

  • Can't find my notes of items for this post >:(
  • I specifically wrote them down >:(
  • On the upside, I fina-lee got the narrower side shelves mounted in my stash closet. And got the rod secured. All that's left is to sand and repaint the floor trim - I know those boards have a name but can't think of it right now >:(
  • Monday's PT was canceled; today's was ok...PTist is using a method called ASTYM. He uses cocoa butter as the emollient on my arm during the process so I walk around smelling like a muffin.
  • Where's that list???
  • Fina-lee....found it!
  • We're losing Thanksgiving...Wheel of Fortune is already decked out for Christmas :O.
  • My mother has a pet project from a genealogy stand point. I really wish she'd drop it or do the dirty work herself! No good would come from putting forth her possibility. We can't determine if the specific individual she'd like to find is still living or not, b. in 1924. She gets mad, I get on her doo-doo list, again, sigh.
  • Took my car in for an oil change...went away $200+ poorer..."it needs it's 5,000 maintenance" (well, maybe), it did need an alignment (kaching) and new wipers (kaching - we tried changing them on this car once - never again!), tire balancing. Ok, but then they call and say it needs a clean cabin filter ($65) NOT! and a middle brake light ($35) NOT! and a top brake light ($35) NOT. Nick looked this morning and said they're working fine...Marty was supposed to double-check last night....but....
  • HE went away for a few days with his buddy to go take pictures of mountains, snow and maybe fall leaves. Hrrruummphhh! He didn't even set the trash at the curb before he left!!! I noticed he forgot his camelback type thing for water, snicker. (I have to work on my attitude on this one.)
  • And lastly, I was watching some shows I'd recorded via DVR - I was running out of room! Some of the commercials toward the end (yeah, I'd forget I could speed through them, hehe) and it would be for the local news announcing a big storm with rain only about 2 hours away, huh??? Oh yeah, recorded about a week ago, silly me. Love those gotchas :)
  • The Lord is faithful, even when I need a kick in the seat!

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  1. I like the idea of walking smelling like cocoa butter! I had to laugh at your third-to-last paragraph! Oh, and the second-to-last one, too. And I believe and can relate all too well with the last one! :)


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