Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flannel Sheets and Insulation

Posting about the flannel pillow covers yesterday made me thankful for flannel sheets for my bed! They are on! And the flannels for Nick's bed will go on today...but not until I can get him to help me rotate his mattress.

The weather in area has finally cooled, and over the next 10 days the highest expected is 67. That may seem downright balmy to some in colder regions of the country/world, but for us, while it's a comfortable daytime temperature, it means the nights are dropping and will be in the mid- to low 40s for that period. Certainly not freezing, but enough to cool the indoors considerably. In our area, and for whatever reason, builders don't use insulation. I find that silly, but I guess they consider our clime temperate enough to not warrant it...I'd argue that! and I'm sure it adds to the cost, and we can't have them lose their profit margin for a few(?) thousand dollars worth of insulation that is so much easier to install during the building process than try to do it retro-fittingly.

Personally, and especially with all the enviro-talk and saving energy, it would seem well worth it to have that insulation. It would help keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the hot summers making A/C that much more efficient, not to mention it would help by adding a modicum of sound-proofing against noisy neighbors and freeway traffic. Whoever said that freeway noise is "white-noise" and not bothersome is off their rocker!

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  1. Since we live in Northern Alabama and in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain range, our 'southern' climate is anything but typical. That to say that 60s/40s is a lovely range for me! But we've already dipped down to overnight lows of 24. Should be an interesting winter! Last year we got more snow that we'd had since I've moved here, sixteen years ago! Oh -- and I definitely agree with ugliness of freeway noise! :)


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