Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fina-Lee Friday - a day late

  • I haven't finished the stash closet.
  • Spent 1.5 hours at physical therapy for the wrist. He's trying a different method as no progress was being made. It's called ASTYM and a video about it can be seen here. He uses more pressure than the PT in the video appears to use...treatment was not without pain itself, and he didn't go above the elbow since I'd already had heat wrap & ultrasonic for the day. He'll do the full treatment when I go back on Monday and I need to continue doing the prescribed stretches 4 times/day. They're easy and don't take long.
  • It rained overnight, and was cloudy threatening more rain, and was 'cold' (I'm sure that's relative to where one lives). I LOVED it!
  • Except for the traffic. Rehydrating drivers' brains didn't seem to help them any, oh well, must always be on the defensive when driving here...even from pedestrians and bicyclists (they are a pet peeve of mine)
  • I was very tired yesterday (Fri), taking an hour nap and had to force myself to get up from that. Even went to bed earlier than usual.
  • Received an email from one of Nick's teachers on some missing homework; he insists he turned it in.
  • Still bummed I can't use my rotary cutter...I've tried and can make a small cut or two, but I feel it, so try not to (as I sort through some of the smaller pieces of my stash).
  • We're making a good dent in the Halloween candy we didn't distribute ;) oh my, better keep an eye on the scale.
  • Hoping my posts get cheerier...I apologize for some of those more 'downer' sounding ones, but sometimes that's my personality and I vent here. Thank you to anyone who sticks with me and keeps me in prayer, you are a blessing to me :)

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  1. Like you say above ... your blog, your rules!! If ya' can't express yourself honestly here, where can ya', right?? Hope things are brighter and looking up for you in the coming week! :)


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