Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilt #008 Flannel Floor Pillow Covers

For years I had these two really big dark blue floor pillows. Over the years they had acquired some stains that I wasn't able to get off by surface washing and they didn't have removable covers. What better than a quilted pillow cover for them? I found one just the right size...well, almost. It was a little big but that just meant all I had to do was make the borders a little narrower. I left the top open without any closures, yet. I count it as finished because I'll probably never work the patterned closures which were big buttons and buttonholes. One never knows though. I even considered using some Velcro.

The pattern is by DuAnn Wright and was once available through Keepsake Quilting though that isn't where I purchased it from. I started it circa 2001 and finished it in June of 2008 (wow, I don't remember it sitting around THAT long!). Do you see a procrastination thread running through my quilting? If you can't tell by the photos, these are flannel. It was my first experience with flannel since I made a nightgown in high school Home-Ec. I like the one on the left the best, I made it last. I think the border on the one on the right is too light and it makes it look blah. Both have a dark maroon outer border. The back is also solid maroon. To me, these are a little 'Christmasy' but are also 'cabin-ish' and I like that, so they sit out all year fitting perfectly side-by-side atop an old coffee table in front of the fireplace. When winter, and the Christmas tree arrives, the table and pillows gets pushed over in front of the piano (I don't have a piano bench.) and add to the festive look.

Now that it's cooler, flannel sure is sounding cozy. I have a lot of it now, too. Maybe I can ma
ke another nightgown or pajamas to match a flannel quilt. I still have that Home-Ec nightgown; it's rather thread bare now, and would never fit on this current body, but it's a reminder of something I made when I was young and first learning to sew and I loved it.

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  1. What a smart idea!! They look so great re-covered in the flannel quilt covers!! :)


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