Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Childhood Barn

The stories this barn could tell. I don't know when it was built, and it is now completely gone. This is probably the last picture ever taken of it, and taken from the road with a zoom lens. My childhood was spent knowing this barn very well. Hay was stored in it. The cow was milked in it. The barn cats were attempted to be tamed in it. The horses and cattle found shelter and were fed under it's wings. Hay was carried and dropped from an upper gangway into the feeding racks. The dirt and manure under the wings was hard and dry in the summer and soaked and sloppy in the winter...my boots were well-acquainted! Forts were built amongst the hay bales. It was an escape place when there was anger or frustration. It was down the hill from the house (house was to the left). There was a pole light between the house and the barn. How many times, in the mud and slop, did I slip down that hill and land on my behind in the wet goo? How many times did I struggle to get my boot out of the sucking mud and manure. How pretty was it when the snow fell on it and the surrounding hillsides and trees. Wonderful memories, now only just that...memories. Michelle posted about a barn, that's what prompted this memory. (She referenced this site.) Her post also shows mossy oaks, which we had in as well. We had a huge one on the house side of the pasture fence. It's now gone too, a casualty of snow and ice in recent years. And the house, it's also gone, casualty of a fire on Valentine's day back in the '80s making it all the more, just a memory.

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  1. Wow - that makes this picture a real treasure, doesn't it?! My mom has photos of the barn on my great-grandpa's property in Massachusetts. It was a lovely piece of property. What wonderful memories you have of barn play!! :)


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