Sunday, January 26, 2014

Holding Pattern

I've spoken with my Mom since the surgery.  I'm not sure it should be considered a surgery; sounds more like it was an exploratory during which they performed a temporary fix.  She will require further surgery and I don't know when that will occur.  She will be in the hospital for at least another week.

She was pretty groggy and loopy when I spoke with her so I'm not sure I have a full picture, but I've spoken with my dad, and online chatted with one brother.  I'm not feeling very confident about things, but for now have to trust that they have things under control as much as they say they do.

My aunt Irene lives fairly close and she'll be taking my uncle into the hospital tomorrow for some regular tests he gets and she will check in on Mom while she's there, perhaps then I'll have a better idea of whether it would be wise for me to head up that way, or hold off for now.  

Perhaps I'm feeling I need to be there for me every bit as much as being there for them should they need me or if things should take a turn for the worse - one never knows with elderly patients.  Three siblings live a whole lot closer, but I have freedom of time as I don't have job commitments, though I do have a few family needs that would need to be worked out.  Marty and I have already discussed some of the possible scenarios.

I'm concerned, a whole lot unsure about what to do or not do, and I'm praying,


  1. So sorry to hear about your mom. Hard to know what to do when at a distance. At least you have other family members close to her and the flexibility to go when needed. Keep us posted.

  2. Lee, continuing to keep it all lifted. And sending warm hugs your way! :)


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