Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Toaster Oven Tuesday - 14 January 2014

This Toaster Oven Tuesday is all about baked potatoes.  It is also a much shorter post than last week.  Aren't you glad potatoes don't require much?

 After scrubbing them, and then taking out all my aggressions with a fork on these poor defenseless potatoes, I placed them into the preheated, 400° F oven and left them there for an hour.  I used the upper rack and they did fine.  In fact, they were perfect so that when you cut them open you could put butter and sour cream and it would melt and soak right in as you mashed up the innards.  Add some S & P and all was good in the world of baked potatoes.
These were good-sized potatoes.  Five had come from a bag I bought from Smart & Final at Thanksgiving, and the sixth came from a 20-pound bag from Costco, and if you've ever bought the bags of potatoes at Costco, you might know that one potato can feed a small army.  They are huge.  At this time of year, they keep very well in our always-cold, as in refrigeration level cold, garage.

I had made extra with the intention of making a baked potato soup with them, which didn't happen for several days and by then, Marty had eaten (with my blessing)  one of them, so on the day I made the soup finally, I baked a few more.  And oh my, was that potato soup good, especially after a couple of days of the flavors blending.

This toaster oven makes excellent baked potatoes :)

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  1. Another thing I'd have never thought of to put in the toaster oven!! We love baked potatoes and prefer them in the oven over the microwave, but I hate letting them sit in the gas oven for 45 minutes, especially in the summer! Yay!!! Thanks, Lee!!! :)


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