Monday, January 6, 2014

This Dry Land

 I know some of you out there are having the coldest winter you've experienced in decades, or maybe you're not that old and it IS your coldest winter ever, but out here in the west, and particularly the south west, it is warm and VERY dry.  We're still having "Red Flag Warnings" which means conditions are ripe for wild fires.

Backyard view from past rains
We've had less than half the amount of rain we usually have for this time of year.  It's brown and ugly, and dusty and there is so much static in the air, you can't touch the poor kitties without them shrinking away from you because with every petting stroke their fur just snaps, crackles, and pops.  My skin is like leaves that have been on the ground for days, dry, dry, dry.  We haven't had a drop in a month or more and this is winter, when we're supposed to get our rains.

I keep thinking of the line from this song, though the song is all about something else,  from back in 1967 by the Temptations:  I Wish It Would Rain and boy, do I ever wish it would rain!  

There are some clouds out there but no chance of rain.  The 10-day forecast on the weather channel online gives us no more than a 20% chance of rain on one day during that entire time...this is NOT looking good. It will make the summer fire season worse, and may reach the point of water restrictions if the northern part of the state doesn't get its share of rain and snow either, and so far, those points are also well below normal.  

Can I move back to the wet land, and Marty has a 7-week class he's starting here tomorrow for a new (near minimum-wage) 'career'.  I don't think this is his best choice but he's the one that has the final word on his career, so I do my best to accept his decision, smile and bite my tongue. On the upside of this, I'll have some 'just me' time, except that Nick is still on Christmas vacation until the 13th. 

Praying for rain!


  1. Wow, Nick gets a long Christmas break! Our kids went back to school last week. Of course, due to the weather, they're out yesterday and today! Sorry you're having such terribly dry weather. We were there a couple of years ago. Then this year we've had so much rain, we have flash flood warnings pretty much every time it rains, now. Crazy!! :)

  2. It is truly amazing the diversity of weather!! Further east it is a mini ice age! I shall try and send you some of our wet stuff as we have an overabundance, putting it mildly!


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