Friday, January 24, 2014

Focus...Hocus Pocus...Bogus

Shoot, a word I'm trying to incorporate into action this year is FOCUS.  Today, focus needs some hocus pocus as in conjuring up the ability to pull rabbits out of a hat, not as the definition states: meaningless talk or activity, often designed to draw attention away from and disguise what is actually happening,  Maybe hocus pocus is what's interfering today.  Conjuring is bogus anyway, so a whole lot of prayer would be a really good thing.

I yawned all the way, and it's not so far these days, taking Nick to school.  I just cannot get into gear.  I've put some dishes away, and put some more into the dishwasher, run a load of laundry and folded one that was still in the dryer, swept the floors and made a mental note that they are in terrible need of a mop, refilled my water bottles, and was intent on getting the table cleared off (it's still the way it was in a photo from this post).

The phone rang.  It was one of my brothers from up in the wet land.  He so rarely ever calls so I immediately had a dread that there was a problem.  I thought perhaps something with my step-dad as he was having a throat biopsy yesterday.  Instead, it was to let me know that my mom is in the hospital with a blockage in the upper intestine.  She's 80.  Initially she was told that surgery would be required right away.  But then the doctor/surgeon said he wants to wait two or three days to see if it clears on its own.  She doesn't like this surgeon.  He's only been a surgeon for a few years (he did my emergency appendectomy in 2011 when I was up there) and performed her mastectomy in 2012 and she basically believes he's a butcher. 

In her small-ish town, he's the only surgeon at that hospital.  She was waiting to discuss some things with the charge nurse when I called her.  One of the things that had been mentioned to her when she expressed to 'someone' her feelings about the surgeon was that she could check herself out and go to a different hospital in another nearby town.  She said she didn't like that hospital either!  Lots more was said but I won't bore you.

I asked if I needed to come up there as when she has the surgery, she would likely be spending an additional five days or so in the hospital.  She's concerned about my dad, who is not very well either.  And they have two cats to care for.   She was very down.  I won't go into all the family drama dynamics as to why my siblings couldn't help.  That leaves me at loose ends not knowing if she would prefer I be there to help but doesn't want to say so, or she doesn't think it's necessary for me to help.  Additionally, I have responsibilities here that would have to be worked out first if I did head up that way and then the decision if I do go whether to drive (time factors but less costly) or fly (more expensive and would need wheels when I get there but faster).  Elders can be very hard to read when you're 800+ miles away and these elders tend to be difficult even in the best of times. 

Focus, I think I'll go sew and try to re-focus while letting all this mull through my brain.

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  1. Lee, I'm so sorry you've got all this on your plate. Praying for your strength and that God' gives you wisdom and discernment as you proceed. Hugs! :)


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