Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Mom Update

My mom is still hospitalized.  It was originally believed she would be able to be released Friday (1/31), but it's now looking like it could yet be another week or two.  The nurse says they're just assessing her day by day.  

After an abdominal surgery for her ailment, the body has to resume functioning normally and as yet hasn't, and she cannot be released until it does.  She's on a liquid diet and hasn't yet held down solid foods, so those processes are slow.  She's 80 and lengthy hospital stays alarm me.

She's not a happy camper, and I'm not sure any one would be in her position, so all prayers would be appreciated.  

I'm still attempting to assess if there's a legitimate 'need' for me to travel there (my parents keep saying no), versus just going to lend support and to ease my own concerns.  I have to weigh our own financial situation with Marty's unemployment along with Nick's means of getting to school and his piano lessons.  Life can be complicated at times with decisions seemingly impossible to calculate.

Committing it to the Lord.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry to hear your mom is struggling so ... I imagine it's also filling you with a little anxiety (to say the least). Wish I didn't sound like a broken record, but consider the power of prayer, I'll go ahead and say it -- keeping y'all in my prayers. Hugs! :)


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