Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Morning

I've only spent a couple of hours this week on the Tumbler quilt, sorry but no pictures of it today.  And there's no fabric in, nor is there fabric out, so no link up to Patchwork Times.

But on the "quilting" front, of sorts, a wee bit of progress has been made in my quilt room, and I may be able to start getting back into it this week, hopefully. 

My original thought, and thinking it would be the inexpensive route to go, was to get a remnant piece of linoleum/sheet vinyl.  However, there were only a few pre-cut options available at the local stores, and I didn't care for them as they had "grout lines" and I was looking at an all-over pattern.  This apparently isn't a popular product in this neck of the woods.  The one I really liked was this one:  Armstrong Eagle's Nest-Snow Fall  It was white, and I loved the faint leaves in the design.  We located a place that could order it, well, actually only something similar to the tune of nearly $400 plus the long drive to get there to pick it up and decided we'd go back to a product we had looked at at Home Depot a couple weeks ago.  It isn't white, but it looks good, and it isn't sheet vinyl or linoleum but installed really easily, so looks almost like a solid piece of flooring.

This is plank flooring by Allure.  It is a vinyl product. You might be able to see a couple planks in there with their adhesive strips.  Those adhesive strips are all that holds the floor together as it is a 'floating' floor.  There is no other adhesive used underneath it attaching it to the subfloor, no nails either.  The planks overlap end to end and side to side on those adhesive strips.  If one of the planks had been turned upside down, you'd be able to see the adhesive strip on the backside that overlaps the adhesive strip on the top side.  It took Marty only a couple of hours to cover the 9'4" x 10' of floor space including using that L-shaped metal ruler and a box-cutter knife to cut some of them to fit and give the proper spacing for the alternate rows.  This particular pattern/color was simply called "Oak".

Marty prepared the floor trim yesterday as well but as he was painting in the garage, realized that the paint wasn't quite looking as it should.  He was using semi-gloss, but it was going onto the boards looking like flat paint, which just would not work, so he'll have to see if he has a glossier paint or if he'll have to go buy some.  To me, it looked like there was a 5-gallon bucket of shiny white stuff out there, but I'll let him do the 'dirty' work of digging it out and opening it.

Right now, I can't do much lifting, or anything else as my lower back is acting up again.  It isn't quite as bad as earlier in the year, but it's bad enough that there is no comfortable position sitting, standing or laying, and any painkiller type meds I may have around here, don't help a lot.  So time, probably a good couple weeks or more, is what it'll take for it to settle down to where I can do a little more.  In the meantime, I do what I can knowing that any step, or twist or turn could, and often does, cause a stab of pain that nearly knocks me to my knees, so I'm very cautious and careful about my movements.

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