Monday, September 16, 2013

Better Day Ramblings

It's been a better day for the most part.  My joy is not fully returned, but it's closer.  I know what I need to do, but I don't always do it until I've grumbled a lot both inside and out.  That's how a rebellious spirit tends to be.  I heard recently that telling our troubles to others is called grumbling; telling our troubles to Jesus is called prayer.  So more prayer needs to be offered because I find myself grumbling way too much.

Marty had a 3rd interview today with one particular company.  They have 3 positions to fill and have 6 interviewees, I believe, 2 for each position as they're creating a team.  So we shall see.  Things are warming up some for him as he's also getting other phone and Skype interviews.  One is a long drive but do-able, and apparently there is another employee who lives roughly in our area, so maybe carpool some of the time. 

Horrible, and sad happenings in the eastern part of the country again.  I pray for the families of the victims.  I'm sure this'll create another spate of pushing to ban guns for those who oppose them.  No weapon is ever the problem.  The problem is the person holding the weapon and a society that does all it can to progress hedonism in every way possible, while squelching all that is righteous and holy.  

I thought it interesting in light of the D.C. issue today, that the network news stations went about business as usual, not reporting on it until their regularly scheduled news broadcasts.  Fox and one local station covered it for quite awhile during that time.  Interesting too was the absence of coverage on our president's economy speech.  Again Fox aired it, at least for about the first three minutes and then they went back to the shooting.

On the way to pick up Nick from school, I had another one of those moments where I had to really wonder if my white Highland with headlights on was completely invisible.  I was tempted to find out by sideswiping a car.  Along a section of a very busy street, 3 lanes each direction with shopping/strip malls on either side, I saw a boy, probably 11 or 12 carrying a school backpack jay-walking across the street.  As I and other cars, I was at the back of the pack, began approaching and going past him, he suddenly darts out from the median strip where he'd stopped without looking in my direction and proceeds to cross the rest of the street.  I should've laid on my horn to scare the tar out of him...and his mom who appeared to be waiting at the exit of the strip mall in her car!!! I could be wrong, may not have been her, but he seemed headed to that car!  Had I been just a little bit closer, I wouldn't have been able to stop as easily.

Marty also commented today that he thinks he should curtail any 'frivolous' spending until he gets a job.  He further stated he didn't think we should get the cabinets for the craft room, and 'what do you (me) think?' was his statement.  Um,  well, whatever.  Yep, what-ever.  Seriously, WHAT-EVER! Actually, I told him I could probably find enough other furniture pieces I could rig up in there for now.  Or just keep boxes stacked all over.  Then my self-talk takes over, and my mind goes to mean and rotten places, then I think more rotten things, and then I pray and keep my thoughts to myself, or share a few here.

Today would've been my bio-dad's 85th birthday.  He died in 1998.  I wish I could say I miss him.  

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