Monday, September 16, 2013

Design Wall Monday

In spite of my grumpy feelings this week, or maybe because of them, I set back to work on the Tumbler project.  I'd been getting somewhat bored with it.  It is very repetitive even if the fabrics themselves are greatly variant.  I put in about 13.5 hours on it over the last four days.  The individual rows are now done with the exception of determining the ends, which I may remove one tumbler of each alternating row only to re-add it to the opposite end of the other alternating rows for a zig-zag edge.  Make sense?  Sure, ok.  

As the design wall is not yet up in the in process, re-vamped craft room, I have once again taped a sampling of the rows as they currently are to my dining room wall.  The sampling is of the first 11 rows I grabbed out of the 40+ rows I made, which is more than I actually need.  I'll worry about the excess later.  Even with the rather boring process of putting this together, it's still exciting to see a quilt begin to emerge.  With scrappy quilts, it's also nice to see fabrics that I've used in other projects, as well as fabrics that maybe came from a friend or were just small pieces I picked up from a quilt shop or show outing.

Heading to Patchwork Times to see what all the other busy quilters have been up to, won't you join me? :)

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