Thursday, September 26, 2013

Some of the Progress

Oh dear me, it's Thursday, already!  I've been busy and making slow progress with trying to re-configure where to put what in my craft room.  It is very nice to be back in here, even if things aren't perfect.  
=^v^= Why yes, I AM a bookend =^v^=
I had told myself that as I put things back in here, that I'd sort through and toss some of the clutter.  Well, all good intentions are mostly not happening, though I have been able to toss about a 2" worth stack of papers.  It's a start.  The hardest for me is to not have drawers, as the desk is no longer a desk since we only retained the desk top and it's setting atop two 2-drawer file cabinets which already had plenty of stuff in them.  I lightly perused that stuff, but didn't toss much.  Some day a lot of it will have to go.  
desktop on file cabinets

Raven, what!?! how'd you get in here? Mom, come pet my belly in the guest room. Hah! never, I'll attack when you try!

One whole drawer is committed to geographic locations I've been to back when I did a lot of camping and backpacking...I doubt I'll be doing much of either in the future, though sometimes I think I'd like to get out and camp again.  Another drawer holds folders of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class notes and lessons from years past, ahem, many years past! Yet another drawer has old files of Marty's that haven't been gone through in the 17 years we've been married; some of it pertained to care for his mom, she had some deep health issues off and on over the years, and passed back around 2002.  A 4th drawer holds files of receipts and such, don't ask, I have my areas of OCD, or maybe it's just because I always worked in a detail environment when I had paying jobs and that carries into my personal life.  That leaves me with two empty drawers, so I'll have to determine how best to use them, and/or find containers that will fit within for items that I formerly had in desk drawers which are shallower. 
Inspector Raven, uh Mom, where's the drawer?
I also pulled one of two plastic rolling carts with drawers out of the stash closet which I will probably keep near the 'desk'.  I emptied the cut squares, rectangles and triangles out of it and jammed them into the other one's drawers - a temporary measure. 
Handy cart for all those small desk-drawer type things....and thread.

My desktop is overly cluttered with things I've been sorting through so there has been neither quilt-work nor genealogy-work since returning to my space on Saturday afternoon.  Soon, very soon, my hands are itching to do something besides sorting through things.
I'm keeping my eyes on you, well, trying to anyway.
Of the pictures I post, keep in mind that little of what you see will remain where it is once we are able to finally get the cabinets.  And, my mind and memory want to keep doing things the way I did prior to the room remodel, which will change. 

While I refer to this room more often than not as my quilt room, it really IS my sanctuary.  It's here I'll be sewing, where I'll be working on my genealogy, where I'll be working on Bible study and prayer, where I'll watch TV or talk on the phone, and likely where I'll spend most of my time when I'm not doing necessary homemaking, wife and mom duties. 

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