Sunday, September 8, 2013

Before and After

Since I'm sitting home alone due to my back pain, awaiting the 10:30 internet broadcast of our church service, I thought I'd share about Nick's hair.  This boy has some serious hair issues.  When he was born, he just had wisps of hair, blonde and with just a wee bit of curl to it.  As he got older, it darkened and had some waves to it and it was a bit coarse.  Well, then he hit puberty and now we constantly get asked where he got his hair from.  We have NO CLUE.  Marty's hair, what little he has hehe, is straight and dishwater blonde, mine is slightly wavy with some natural curl, super fine, and now silver where it once was dark brown.  Nick's also has strong red highlights that can be seen out in the sun.  But those uber-tight curls are a mystery to us.  Even looking at old ancestral photos, there's no one with curls like this.

But anyway, he would love to let his shaggy hair grow, but the school we have him at has hair code requirements of no longer than the middle of the ear, and can't be touching the collar of a collared shirt, no tees here.  His last hair cut was in mid-August of 2012.  He started this school year on August 20th without having his hair cut, he wanted to wait until actually getting cited for being out of code.  OK, so Mom here was ok with this one small act of 'rebellion' - this is a GOOD kid, no rebellious attitudes at all at this stage of the game and he'll soon be 15.  Finally, this past Tuesday, he was cited, so on Wednesday, we headed to the barber.  Not a bad deal, one hair cut every 13 months!  

Here's a couple of the before: 
Really isn't bad, ok at ear and border-line at collar. This pic taken on 8/20.

But here, right before we went in to get it cut, by the end of the day, it relaxes a little, and it gets really floppy and wild, and that was more a problem than the length.  It was considered too unruly.

And the after.  It was scissor-cut rather than clippers like last year, so not as evenly symmetrical, but it is clearly shorter and tamer.  Nick would prefer to have his hair back, but complies with the rules for now.
If Marty doesn't find employment in the next couple months, we will transfer Nick to the local public school.  There, he won't be bound by the same rules, and can probably grow his hair as long as he wants, or as long as we'll let him get away with.  I must say, I like his floppy tight curls, but I sure don't want to have dread-locks showing up and I'm afraid that's what these would turn into since he can't, won't put, a comb through them.  Wash and wear hair.  I'm also hoping that with that mop off his forehead that some of his acne will clear up.  He's even using a medication from the doctor but it doesn't seem to be helping much.

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  1. I think acne is exacerbated by what you eat, so if he cuts out saturated fats and eats more veg, it should help.

    My niece is exceedingly dark - hair, eyes and skin - when none of the rest of the family is at all. But you can go back many generations before you'll find the connection. No accounting for genes! lol


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