Monday, September 2, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I hope everyone's having an enjoyable (U.S.) holiday weekend, and staying safe.  Frankly, I've never really understood Labor Day.  I did go over and read about it on Wikipedia.  As my son would say, "Meh".  For the most part, at this stage of the game, it seems to be not much of a celebration other than having become a marker of sorts for the end of summer, though that doesn't officially end until later in the month.  And it tends to mark the beginning of a new school year, though even that is changing in many places.  Our son's school has always started the third week of August and locally, the public schools even started a week earlier than that this year.  I suppose there are some sales abounding out there, though I haven't watched enough network TV to see if there have been ads for sales, and since I'm watching pennies far more closely these days, that's just as well.  And, while Marty may be off from 'laboring', I still have my chores so I've 'labored' plenty this weekend, while he's done his thing, which hasn't done much to better my mood.  Well, even that's a choice, so I'll get over it.

On to the purpose of this post!! It's Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times where we all link up to show what we're working on, and if I don't hurry up, Monday will be done and over with.

On my 'design wall TABLE' (yeah, no progress on that quilt room since I last mentioned it) is the same project I've been working on for my August NewFO, which is the beginnings of my Tumbler quilt.

I now have about half of the twosies sewn into sets of foursies, next will be eightsies, and then, well, you get the idea.  Are those even words?

Now, since I have no pattern to follow, I see I will have to do something to fix the ends of each row, when I get that far.  The tumblers need to alternate and so I need an opposing single tumbler to add to each alternating row, and then I need to determine how to handle what will become a slight zigzag when I do that.  As I put this together, I'm just reaching in and grabbing the next set and only tossing it back if the set includes the same fabric as what I'll be connecting it to, or if their isn't much contrast between the ones next to each other.  And I already see that one set on the bottom, has two that don't give much contrast.  Maybe I'll take off that tan basket-weave and use it as an end on the other side, hmmmm.
Well, back to my labors, I need to finish cleaning up the kitchen from having made dinner.

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