Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Marty Update

Marty is still in need of prayer for finding a job.  He did not get the job that he'd interviewed for with three interviews, it's still not out of the question, but hiring has been put off for five months.  He also did not get another one that he interviewed on; that was ok, he wasn't gung-ho about it anyway.  He has a second interview with the company that's 46 miles away, on Monday afternoon.

Today, Marty went under the knife for an out-patient surgery that has a short healing time.  He's on pain-meds and icing the wound for at least the next couple of days.  He's not to lift anything and returns to the doctor in two weeks.

It was a wacky day with getting Marty to the surgery, that part went ok, but then the timing of his getting out of surgery and my need to get to Nick's school to pick him up and take him to his piano lesson became an issue.  This factor was not discussed with me in advance :( of scheduling the surgery.

Long story short, it did NOT go according to how I would have liked or needed it to go, but in retrospect, God set everything in the right sequence, and I was able to pick Marty up when the surgery center needed me to by calling upon my friend whose son no longer goes to Nick's school and finding out her son didn't have school today so was able to pick Nick up, and which gave the boys some time together - it had been awhile - and I was able to reschedule the piano lesson to Friday because it couldn't be done today with the timing...the instructor actually had a Friday cancellation.  How cool is that.  Oh, and did I mention that I had already been en-route to pick Nick up when the surgery call came in and I didn't handle it very well?  That's right, I had a real mental panic session and really didn't respond very well and later apologized to the nurse I nearly went ballistic on (I'd tried to work out the timing to no avail before leaving Marty there).  This was one more incident where I should have realized I needed to just stop and pray...only after the fact, when I could see how God arranged my friend's availability and the lesson schedule change did I recognize that.  So then I had to bring that to the Lord too.  I can sure be a knot-head sometimes.

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