Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vacation Thinking Begins

In a little over two weeks, Nick & I leave to head north for our annual vacation in the wet land, though we usually don't get too much wet when we're there.  We'd love it if we did seeing as how little, if any, we ever get during the summer here in the dry land.  However, those who live in the wet land full time would like to have some dry weather.  While wet is good for growing crops, it can also be problematic for crops and grain and hay if received at the wrong time. 

I'm looking forward to my time up there.  Several family members are all over 80 and well, when one reaches that stage of life, we can only pray they'll still be around the next time we arrive for a visit.  The health of one in particular is a little more iffy than the others, but really, even younger ones could pass without warning, so I appreciate every opportunity I have to be able to be around my family - even the cantankerous ones, hehe, and there's always some of those aren't there?  Makes every family interesting :)

Recently I came across a blogger that lives in a house that I lived in during my last two years of high school.   Well actually her daughter does and she and her husband built a new house next to it, so one of my plans, as she emailed back after I made a comment on her blog, is to stop by and introduce myself and try to remember what I can about the place. I'll have to find some photos too. The old farm house was built in the late 1800's.  A Victorian style, but without all the fancy stuff on the outside.  I hope they restore it.  I thought it was really neat at the time, and that was 40+ years ago.  I'm sure it'll look a whole lot smaller to me now than it did then.  And I wonder if anything has been remodeled or restructured on the inside during that time.  She said before they purchased it just a couple years ago that it had sat vacant for two years.

Nick should be in the air right now; their flight was scheduled to depart at 5:05 east coast time, so a little over four hours from now, he should be home.  I've missed that young man!  I'm sure he's tired of traveling and being on the go, but he loves going to the wet land, and will be all rested by the time we leave here on 7/3.  I haven't set a specific return date.  My end-of-a-decade, or is it beginning-a-new-decade, birthday is the end of July and I haven't decided if I want to spend it there or here, but I don't particularly want to be traveling on that day.  Will have to decide eventually, no hurry.

I need to decide what project(s) I want to take with me to quilt camp at Suttle Lake while I'm there.  I'm really looking forward to that since it will also be with my aunt, her daughter-in-law and d-i-l's mom.  It should make it a whole lot of fun :)  I love spending time with my Aunt Irene and family.

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  1. It is nice to visit with family (even the cantankerous ones) once in a while :) Have a great time. I do wonder what you mean by "wetlands"? Sounds almost 19th century!! I too change decades this year. It is hard to comoute just how fast time does fly!!


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