Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's count down time for Nick!  Tomorrow morning, Marty will take him to the airport where he will meet up with 36 of his classmates and another 27 parents/teachers - I'm glad there's a large adult contingency going!  From the airport to his destination, a non-stop flight is a very long way away.  They're going to Washington D.C.  This is part of their year-end 8th grade activities.  He's very unemotional about the whole thing.  Of course, he's never been a big talker so I wouldn't know if he's excited at all or not.  He is like his dad! and in my book...well, that's frustrating.  I've been fussing and feathering (like most moms) for quite awhile to make sure he has everything he needs to take along according to the supplied list.  After we got home from church this morning, I got out the suitcase, the list and took them to his room and was ready to get him packing...him? meh, not so much!  His comment?  "I'll pack tonight."  :S  OK, then. Well, at least I have all his laundry done, and gathered up his necessaries.  And I guess he'll pack tonight.  Good grief, what's the hurry Mom, right?

As this count down ticks off the minutes, I get more and more anxious, and pray more and more.  My BABY has never been gone from me this long - SIX DAYS!! - nor so far, by surface from our town to D.C. one route is 2667.97 miles ...two thousand six hundred miles... he may as well be going to the moon.  How can he go so far away from his Mama?  I woke up this morning with my stomach in knots.  He's going to be gone without Mom and Dad.  For 6 days.  Far away. 

I've discovered as I get older that I get these little fearful anxiety-producing moments, this is one of them.  I envision all manner of horrible things that could happen and I won't be there to protect him, as if I could at this stage of the game.  But he's my BABY, and I'm his MAMA, and that's how MAMA's feel, isn't it?

Even so, I will trust in the Lord, and not be afraid. I will continue to pray that way until, and after, he returns.

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  1. We mama bears never stop worrying and praying. My baby is 30 and I still worry when she's getting out of work at 12:30 a.m. on a snowy night. But we also know the Lord has them in the palm of his hand and no matter what happens they are His.


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