Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sleep Deprived?

Well, I don't know if I'm sleep deprived or just getting old and forgetful, or that I've just been trying to work on too many projects all at the same time. 

For the last couple days I've been putting away fabric that I'd pulled out for a project I'm going to start at quilt camp, having cut out all that I needed.  I have another project I was thinking of taking too and had cut it out awhile back, but then when I looked at it the other day I started thinking I needed to still cut the background fabric, and in the bin found only a small string of that background fabric, so I went on the hunt for it.  Mind you, all my fabric was all put away at this point and re-organize nice, neat, & tidy, but I couldn't find that 2 yard piece of black fabric anywhere. And I had only a vague recollection of at least thinking I used in something, but in what? I checked all my UFO kits - nothing! I even checked in the laundry room!  I finally gave up and decided I'd choose something else from my stash for the background and pulled out a 3 yard piece of a Debbie Mumm/South Seas Imports butternut (?) crackled print, not what I wanted but interesting still for this scrappy project.

I then looked in my bin of previously cut & kitted pieces for this project and realized, doh!, I had already cut all of the 2" squares I needed and had set them together with each set but they were on the bottoms of each set and I didn't see them (these are bow ties).  Yikes! And that's where the 2 yard piece of black went!

In the meantime however, I had already cut off 1 yard from the Mumm fabric, starched it and cut it into 2" wide strips and had cut a couple of those strips into 2" squares before having looked in the bin.  So, what does one do at that point?  One stops cutting, and takes those squares and aligns those strips and rolls it all up jelly roll fashion to await a future project requiring 2" squares or strips.

And you tie it off with a thin strip of the same fabric along with a postable note so that you don't forget what it was all about.  And since it's been starched (the cut parts) I'll put it in a zippered bag, because I know starch draws bugs, and I know this house with it's old carpet, has bugs, but then I wonder, why bother, we starch clothes and I don't seal the quilts-in-progress in bags and have never seen bugs in my fabric or the quilt boxes.  I'm a proponent of using things like moth balls and Cedar Magic, and have lined the floor of my stash closet with cedar closet strips, yep, used it as flooring figuring by keeping it raw my shoes would scuff it enough to keep from having to occasionally rough it up with sand paper :)  

That's today's quilting adventure. In other news:

Nick wanted to take golf camp again this year, we missed last year, so he gets to go for three days because we were late getting around to registering him, and because 5 days is just way too expensive.  I hope he makes it.  After day one, and with temps today in the mid-90s and going even hotter over the next couple days, he came home with very painful wrists, so I have him soaking his wrists in Epsom salts, and will have him resume taking his Voltaren.  I hope he grows out of this wrist pain, but frankly, I think it's from too much computer gaming time.  Piano doesn't bother him much.  As skinny as he is, he's not been an athletically active child and doesn't do any ongoing physical labor and what's an only child to do, so I imagine that all plays part in his wrist problems.  The doctor has considered he may need cortisone injections, ugh.  I think he'd like to do golf more frequently, but it's very expensive, as is really any activity he might be interested in.  I think he'd be really good with swimming, but again, expensive because we have no pool of our own. 

I suppose I have a better appreciation for my parents having always said 'no' to our activity requests when I was a child seeing that there were five of us and far less money than Marty & I even have available...we were flat out dirt poor to the point of receiving government cheese for a time.  But living on the ranch (care-takers), we did have pasture for horses and that provided an activity for us, along with the hard work that was needed on the ranch feeding cattle, tending garden, fencing, working in the fields to get money for school clothes.  The 50s and 60s were a different time.

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